Business concept

We help our customers to optimize their activity by deliver cost efficient and functional 
solutions with communications and security products.
Our strength is the requirement about secure communication on board ship and our technical capability in extrem enviroment.


We are the leader with 25 years of experience
in the construction market!

At the daily work and in emergency situations it is very important that the communications onboard the ship is working. Despite more and more intelligent mobile phones, there are certain segments where 2-way radios is the only alternative:  Mission critical communication and when you need fast and reliable Communication.

Digital radio systems with passive antenna network onboard guarantee you full coverage and simplicity usage.Reliable communication is important. Diwiton is building radio systems onboard ships with the help from market  leading suppliers: Motorola, Icom. Sepura, Sailor, Hytera etc. 

We have been experts in the field of communication since 1967. Our goal is to help our customers find the best solution for all their needs. We help you with everything from one channel system to trunked repeater systems. 

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We are the leader with 25 years of experience
in the construction market!

We help you to find right tools to make your day easier and more cost efficient - Pbx, Intercom, Battery less phones, wireless phones etc, integrated with engine and fire alarm. A wide range of communication systems, for safety and daily work tool.

Diwiton can supply you with the whole chain of communication onboard, from the satellite antenna to the handheld wireless phone. All systems are tailor made after the needs of each ship, and thanks to the possibility to control many functions from one and the same unit,
the work can now be done more effective and the environment is safe.

Adapted for ships
Diwiton offers solutions especially developed to suit the extreme environment of the maritime segment. We always strive to deliver a communication solution as complete as possible - and our strength is that we combine products from the largest suppliers; Mitel, Stentofon, Cobs Sailor and KVH.

Tailor made solutions
Since all ships are different, the solutions are tailored to each ship’s needs and desires. The work onboard is now more efficient with wireless monitoring of machine alarms and control of pumps, and the safety among the personnel has increased since the alarms and other important information can be sent directly to their phones. 

Increased flexibility
A communication solution where you’re not dependent on fixed alarm buttons has been one of the demands to minimize the lead times. Personal alarms, assault alarms, lone worker alarms and the possibility to be able to start, stop and control actions from the same unit are all important functions of the solution. Also the fire alarm is integrated to the system. With the help of COBS message server the closest camera is set to be activated in case of a fire, and it starts recording the alarmed zones.

The systems are fully integrated directly to the ships PBX and have full coverage above ship. You will have the same function as you have in the regular deskphone onboard.


We are really satisfied with our cooperation with Diwiton and the products from COBS make our everyday life both safer and more efficient.

Bengt Martinsson
Electrical Technical Officer


We integrate man and machine!

CCTV System
CCTV and surveillance cameras are fast growing segments
and we emphasize product and service knowledge about
the products we supply. Indoor and outdoor surveillance, as
well as heat resistant cameras for monitoring machines and
processes are examples where the supplier knowledge is of
key importance.

CCTV onboard ship 
CCTV systems for surveillance, monitoring and recording mooring,
Engines and passengers safety integrated with the fire alarm system takes the system to higher level and makes it more useful and more economical.

We use hardware products from leading suppliers of CCTV: Bosch, 
Sony, Hikvision and Avigilon and software from Mirasys and Milestone.

We usually say that we “integrate man and machine”.



We make sure you can trust your safety!

Public address and General alarm is the most important system onboard the ship. Also evacuation systems integrated with paging, background music and advertising. Therefore we use Bosch Praesideo and Praesensa; we don’t compromise with quality!

A fully digital public address, voice evacuation system that meets all the requirements placed by professional users. It brings highly innovative and advanced digital technology to the public Address market.

The processing and communication of both audio signals and control data entirely in the digital domain makes the system superior to other public address and emergency sound systems.

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Public address 
Creating a pleasant atmosphere for passengers and ensuring their safety in the event of an evacuation are crucial considerations for a PA system on cruise ships. The system is a multi-zone configuration with a relatively high number of audio channels, with local volume control and source selection in passenger areas and cabins.

General alarm system
It must also conform to the international SOLAS treaty and interface with the ship’s fire detection system. The system is SOLAS, IEC60849 and BS5839 compliant.

Praesideo and Praesensa is fully digital, offering CD quality and disturbance-free audio. Its flexible ‘daisy chain’ network topology allows system units to be placed on different locations, throughout the ship connected via glassfiber cabling. Zones are identified in the decks, cabins, function rooms and engine room.

Loudspeaker monitoring
Loudspeaker lines and individual loudspeaker at crucial locations are supervised using Praesideo’s ‘wire-free’ multiple-line and loudspeaker supervision. Spare amplifiers are used to automatically take over in case a power amplifier fails. Fault conditions are immediately reported, allowing corrective actions to be taken.

Touchscreen-controlled call stations with a graphical user interface and an emergency call station on the bridge with duplicated electronics connected to both systems (A and B).

Summary of requirements
• EVAC zones corresponding with ship fire zones
• Interface to fire alarm system
• A-B system set-up
• SOLAS, IEC60849 and BS5839 compliant
• Non emergency paging functionality
• Flexible BGM control
• Interface to ship entertainment system



It's just that simple!

Diwiton helps you to receive and distribute satellite TV signals onboard the ship. HD Picture even in bad storms, you can trust on our products for your pleasure demands.

With suppliers as Samsung, Sailor, KVH and Triax we dont compromise with quality. We also have solutions for traditional coaxial network and IP-TV. We help you arrange company info channel or commercial channel where you can promote the range onboard.

Requirements of tomorrow
Invest in technology that already meets the requirements of tomorrow,
such as HD, MPEG 4, CI/CAM, transport stream processing (muxing, NIT, PID, stuffing). Put your money on a system that merges the highest levels of efficiency and reliability, while benefitting from the advantages provided by one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of headends.

With Diwiton you can always rely on fast customised assistance and consultancy for tendering, planning, installation, configuration and maintenance.

Quite simply a revolution
Forget everything you know about headends. With TRIAX TDX you move into a completely new world. TRIAX’s revolutionary TDX Pool technology simplifies the setting up and handling of headends. This technology makes the input and output modules mutually independent.

All input signals, regardless of whether they are received via satellite, terrestrial, cable, audio/video or via the Internet, are flexibly and independently distributed from a “pool” to each and every output module. Each of these input signals can be converted to any output signal: PAL, QAM, COFDM and IP, and because the input signals are not fixed to any particular outputs, an input signal can be assigned
to several output modules.

Our knowledge is our strength and yours safety.


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